Mission Statement

The Chelsey Foundation was established in 1997 to benefit the residents and animals of the State of Hawaii. The Foundation’s primary interest is to promote the health and welfare of animals including: improving the quality of and access to veterinary care; developing and supporting “pet therapy” programs in hospitals; care for Hawaii’s homeless domestic and wild animals; and various other programs. A secondary, yet important goal of The Chelsey Foundation is to aid the provision of better healthcare for children, adults and the elderly in the State of Hawaii. This includes community outreach programs, education, and healthcare.

In addition to supporting the above purposes, the Foundation, in rare instances, may support programs in other fields that show extraordinary potential which the Foundation believes will benefit the residents of the State of Hawaii.


About The Chelsey Foundation

About Chelsey

Chelsey, a beautiful Black Labrador Retriever, was a gentle, kind and loving dog. From the moment one first met her, it was apparent she was a special dog. It is in her spirit and name that The Chelsey Foundation spreads Aloha in Hawaii.

Board Members

Erin Anne Keck (President)

Brian A. Finch (V.P.)

Paul W. Finch

Sheila L. Y. Sakashita

George Lacey

Curtis B. K. Yuen

George T. Mooradian

Lester Buckely

Patricia C. Bergin

William C. Bergin

Contact Information

The Chelsey Foundation

c/o Sheila L. Y. Sakashita, Esq.

Rush Moore LLP

Pacific Guardian Center, Mauka Tower

737 Bishop Street, Suite 2400

Honolulu, Hawaii  96813